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Stay Positive Better Days Are Coming

Do you feel it? The weight of what seems like the world on your shoulders. Is your mind racing searching for answers as to what’s next? Please don’t let social media, the news, or even close friends and family get you to a place where all looks hopeless. There is a heavy energy going around at the moment trying to pull you down and keep you from aligning with the new world that is coming into play. The world is having a tower moment. Things that no longer serve humanity are falling apart. Things and people that have been masked, the masks are falling off and we are seeing them as who they truly are. This is all a good thing, a very good thing. We had to be shaken in order to wake up! People have been stagnant for way too long. If you want to change the world be the good, put out the positive energy that you want to see. We have more power than some would like us to believe. The power of thought and intentions create things in our reality. So instead of living in fear and panic focus on staying in your peace. Sit in your power and focus on what it is you would like to see in the world. Visualize and see clearly in your minds eye the beautiful world we need now full of love and harmony amongst humanity. We need this now more than ever. This is where your true power lies, within ourselves. Be the good you want to see in the world. Connect with others that are like minded and focus on this. Let’s create together the world we all need now. Peace and blessings to you all my dear friends.

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So many terrible things are happening. Some days it feels like pure chaos and you wonder when it will change for the positive. But I totally agree we’re re seeing people for who they are and the truth comes out for so many things. Staying positive and in the right state of mind is the only way to move forward.

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