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Meet Melanie

Psychic Medium and Soul Guide

My spiritual journey began many years ago.

I have been connected to spirit since I was a child.

As an adult I embrace my gifts and use them to connect you with your loved ones, helping to bring clarity and guidance into your life.

I started my family very young and had 4 children by the age of 25. When I was younger, friends and family would gravitate towards me for help or advice about their problems, both physical or emotional. I’ve always known from spirit what to say that would help them. In my younger years, I focused solely on my family and raising my children. I was involved in their school activities and also took care of my grandmother for 10 years before she passed. I was also heavily involved in religious education at our church for several years.

One day I came to the realization it was time to focus on myself. That was the turning point in my life that changed everything. I was looking for a deeper connection to God. I knew my grandmother was around me, and I could feel her spirit. She had been showing me absolutely, undeniable signs that she was around in spirit, and I was determined to figure out how to prove this to the world. I began connecting with her daily and received messages that led to helping several family members get the closure they needed to heal from losing loved ones. Then very unexpectedly, I lost my father. That led me to really dive deep into my mediumship and learn every way to fully connect with our loved ones. ​

I work with my loved ones in spirit and my guides. I can help you do the same. It’s my life’s passion to prove that the love that we feel and the love that connects us to our loved ones never die. That love is what connects us through time and space, and if you allow me, I can show you.

My reading style is warm and straightforward. Every session is done from a place of love, growth, healing, and positivity. I do not believe in holding back a message, so I pass them on exactly as I get them. 


What Others Are Saying


My reading with Melanie was amazing. She was so kind and very knowledgeable. I highly highly recommend her to everyone. I've sent several of my family members and friends her way. If you're on the fence about booking a reading, this is your sign to do it.

- Stacy P.

As a military man of solid self-awareness and as a seeker of truth, I reached out to Melanie looking to know the well-being of a loved one’s spirit. She gave me something unfathomable, the peace of mind and spirit in regard to the well-being of my loved one. I was not looking to be led into what I sought, but rather be reassured through truth even if it was not the outcome I sought... I could not have asked for anything or anyone better. -Thank you again Dear

- Chuck S.

This was the most wonderful experience! Melanie is so compassionate and caring! I was looking for clarity and answers she helped me with that! My reading with her was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. She is completely and 100% on point and just the sweetest person

- Racheal R.

My reading with Melanie was absolutely incredible. She was welcoming, kind and wonderfully honest. 10000/10, she is so awesome!!

- Gillean V.

It was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

- David J.

This was my first reading ever. I had reservations about it but at the same time, I wanted to find some peace.  It was the most amazing experience I have ever had.  I left Melanie's with peace and absolute happiness and joy. This was the best thing I could have ever done.

- Meagan J.

I spoke with Melanie the other night. I would truly recommend her to anyone she told me things NO ONE would ever know. I lost my soulmate the end of August she connected with him and was able to really help me and connected to others in my family that has crossed over. It helped me. I do believe that God gives people gifts to help others and she is one of them. I will be talking to her again.

- Nerissa

I have known that Melanie Daniels is a very gifted psychic/medium for many years. This week I asked her to do a past life reading for me. Melanie took me through three lifetimes. More than that, she connected the emotional and spiritual issues in all of my lives, including my present life. I highly recommend Melanie as a past life reader. She will show you where you need healing in your past lives and your current life.

- Pam

My husband recently passed away. Even though I had reservations about going to a medium, I wanted to know that he was ok and happy. Melanie was amazing and made me feel comfortable. There were things she said no one knew about just my spouse and I. I felt some weight lifted off my shoulders knowing he was ok and happy. Even in my heartbroken state I felt some comfort. I will definitely return for another reading in 6months. Thank you melanie!

- Stephanie S.

This was my first reading I was nervous as shit! But once Melanie started talking I became very comfortable she was her authentic self. She's the real deal she validated so many things that no one else would have known. She gave me the closure and the answers I've needed for years with my parents. She helped me heal and brought me peace. As my wife sat in, her dad high jacked my reading and gave her the closure and answers that she needed with his passing. I would totally recommend her to anyone seeking healing, peace, or if you just need answers from past loved ones. Thank you and I appreciate the time you spent with us

- Michele & Christina D.

This has been the best experience. I've had psychic readings before, but never a medium reading. After my grandmother's passing, I was left with so many questions and I couldn't go through my grief process completely. I needed closure, and out of nowhere I stumbled across melanie daniels. (My guess is my mi-maw sent me her way)... she automatically told me about my grandmother without asking any questions from me. She knew things that there is no way in this world she could have known! Needless to say she gave me the closure and peace I needed to be able to grief my mi-maw's passing. My second time going to her was just for a psychic reading, and what do you know... my mi-maw came through AGAIN!!! Gave me answers to new questions I had and even told melanie to give me a gift from her! (Tears were flowing the whole time) in short, I most definitely recommend coming to see this wonderful gifted woman! She is a gift to my life! I will forever be grateful to her!

- F. Mendoza

During my recent reading with Melanie I felt so comfortable speaking with her. She is so professional and really knows her stuff! Not only that but I shared a deep connection with my mother who had passed and received very valuable information, as well as, true answers to all of my many questions. I had never met with a Medium before but I will definitely recommend Melanie to all of my friends and family. So worth it! Thank you

- Jenny

I was super excited for my meeting today. My loved ones came through right away. I was shocked when Melanie said my stepmothers name. She confirmed my son is with my grandmother as well. I was also able to confirm how my son's stepmother passed away. She was able to tell me so much today. I will definitely stay in touch with her. She was so nice and down to earth.

- Heather S.

A must do again!!!! :) This was the first time I have ever tried to speak/hear from my passed loved ones, and it was very refreshing! :) Melanie knew things that she would of ONLY known by speaking to a love one directly. I cried and laughed during the session, and most importantly I walked away with clarity in my life and a sense of peace that I have never felt before. I have already recommended her to close friends, and strongly encourage others to give her a try. Thank you Melanie again for everything, and I will be back again! :)

- Allyson

Melanie was the first reading I’ve ever had. She was everything that I had hoped for in a reading. On spot with everything that she communicated, all of the questions I had were answered. Melanie even used the term “humanitarian” to describe my daughter. As I was moving my daughter into her dormitory at Texas State this weekend, she referred to herself as a humanitarian! Melanie validated what I have spiritually experienced regarding connections to my loved ones who have already passed. Melanie came into my life at the perfect time for me!

- Lisa L.

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